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Few things fill homeowners with as much dread as the realization that contaminated water is coming back into the fresh water supply. To stop this unpleasant situation from occurring, it is crucial to seek out Antioch backflow services from CalTek Plumbing. Our helpful experts make it our primary aim to keep clients safe and healthy with backflow prevention.

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The Consequences of Backflow

Any signs of backflow should immediately compel homeowners to seek out professional support from knowledgeable plumbers. Not only is backflow unpleasant to look at or smell, but it is also highly harmful.

Some of the many consequences of backflow include:

  • Extensive water damage to valuable furniture, décor, and other belongings
  • Diminished integrity of the floors, walls, ceilings, and foundation 
  • Increased chances of pipes deteriorating or corroding
  • Expensive repairs for breaches, gaps, and leaks caused by high-pressured backflow
  • Exposure of the household, as well as the whole municipal network, to hazardous contaminants

What Is a Backflow Prevention Device?

It is bad enough if contaminated water flowed back up the pipes into one home, but it is even worse if the entire municipal system is affected. This is why homeowners are required by most local governments to have backflow prevention systems installed. These devices are attached to the pipes to ensure that water cannot go backward to the main city supply. To make sure that all residents comply with this responsibility, high fines are set as consequences for those who neglect to install these devices.

Some cities even mandate that homes must get proof of installation from a professional plumber, and we can offer this service. We have many affordable systems that can be suited to the size and budget of your property.

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Backflow Services you Can Depend On

Backflow prevention is an important part of keeping water safe and clean. It is a process that prevents non-potable water or other substances from contaminating the public drinking water system. Backflow preventers are valves installed on home water pipes to ensure that water only flows in one direction, preventing any potential contamination. By taking preventative measures, home and business owners can ensure that their plumbing system is running smoothly and safely. 

Backflow services are crucial to comfort and our technicians are here to help. We offer premier backflow services and more by using top-of-the-line technology backed by experience. Our technicians also provide emergency services.  Our skilled experts at CalTek Plumbing can advise the right number of tests for your unique property. 

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