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Hydro Jetting in Antioch

What Is Hydro Jetting?

Hydro jetting is an effective method of clearing debris and buildups from sewers and drains. It uses pressurized water to blast sludge, grease, roots, and other materials away, leaving your entire pipe clean. Many residential, commercial, and industrial property owners have chosen hydro jetting because it clears pipes more thoroughly than cable machines and other tools like them. 

At CalTek Plumbing, we are proud to offer hydro jetting services in Antioch. If your pipes are clogged, contact us for an effective solution that you cannot get with other types of drain cleaning. Best of all, because our one-stop shop is locally owned and operated, we can deliver rapid, same-day support. 

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Is Hydro Jetting Safe for Your Pipes?

Since hydro jetting is relatively new in comparison to traditional rooter services, you might feel wary about it. However, there is no reason to worry! Even though this drain cleaning method uses highly pressurized water, the force it takes to clear even the worst clogs is not enough to damage your pipes. Additionally, hydro jetting is much safer than many store-bought cleaners, which are made of harsh chemicals that can corrode pipes. 

Types of Clogs That Hydro Jetting Can Resolve 

You are likely aware that you should primarily rinse water down the sink or toilet. Nevertheless, clogs are prone to happen in sewer, drain, and water lines. No matter the type of blockage, hydro jetting can take care of it.

A few of the many things that hydro jetting can break down include:

  • Collected toilet paper and paper towels
  • Twisted tree roots and branches
  • Masses of tangled hair and fur
  • Small stones and dirt clods
  • Objects like keys, toys, and lost tools 
  • Mineral deposits, such as calcium
  • Soap scum
  • Organic waste
  • Grease, oil, and fats

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the Advantages of Hydro Jetting

We have briefly discussed some of the advantages of hydro jetting above but let us dive further into what makes this method of drain cleaning special. First and foremost, hydro jetting is far more effective than traditional rooter services. A cable machine might put a hole through a clog, allowing water to flow. This can be a solution for a time, but debris and other substances are bound to build up again quickly. On the other hand, a hydro jetting machine features multiple nozzles that allow it to spray the complete interior of your pipe. Instead of simply making a pathway for water to flow, it can eliminate the entire blockage. 

In addition to effectively getting rid of grease, soap, oil, and mineral buildups, hydro jetting can remove bacteria, mold, and other pathogens from your pipes. When we say this is an effective drain-cleaning method, we mean it. With our Antioch hydro jetting services, you can keep your sewer lines, drains, and plumbing in great condition. To schedule a service, reach out to us!

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