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What is the safest but most effective method for cleaning out a plumbing system? With our hydro jetting services in Antioch, our specialists at CalTek Plumbing can provide the care you’ve been looking for. Hydro jetting is a powerful way to get rid of all the unpleasant debris lurking in a pipeline. Best of all, because our one-stop shop is locally owned and operated, we can deliver rapid, same-day support.

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Is Hydro Jetting Safe for My Pipes?

Since hydro jetting is relatively new in comparison to traditional rooters, homeowners may be wary about it initially. However, there is no reason to worry that hydro jetting could harm your pipes. Even though a jet of highly pressured water is used, the force that is required to remove scum is not enough to injure the pipes. Moreover, hydro jetting is far safer than any other kind of generic cleaner bought at a store. These chemicals are extremely harsh and do more harm than good. In contrast, hydro jetting only uses a spray of pure, clean water.

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    "I am quite delighted with today's visit. Jordan and Rudy were outstanding. They mended a leaking toilet. Not only that, but Jordan found a cost-effective solution to restore water pressure to my kitchen sink, which we hadn't had in well over a decade."

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    "This company was extremely responsive. They altered the schedule to get to us early because our water heater broke. Jordan was friendly, kind, and fast in explaining what he did and why."

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    "When I called Jesus for a routine daytime service call to replace my 12-year-old water heater, I did not anticipate him to arrive within an hour. Jesus was very attentive and professional, and he handled our house as it belonged to him. Very tidy service &"

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    "Today's technician, Jesus, did an excellent job of locating, repairing, and advising on the leaks that he came to fix, as well as providing recommendations for what should be done in the future, including options."

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    "Installed everything at my sink including my water machine! Very friendly, clean, and quick."

    - Michelle T.

Types of Clogs That Hydro Jetting Can Resolve 

Most people are aware that they should primarily only rinse water down the sink or toilet. Nevertheless, sewers, drains, and water lines are prone to get clogged by a large variety of materials. Hydro jetting is capable of cutting through even the most serious clogs.

A few of the many objects that can be broken down with a hydro jetter include:

  • Collected toilet paper and paper towels
  • Twisted tree roots and branches
  • Masses of tangled hair and fur
  • Small stones and dirt clods
  • Objects like keys, toys, and lost tools 
  • Mineral deposits, such as calcium
  • Soap scum
  • Organic waste
  • Grease, oil, and fats

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What Are the Advantages of Hydro Jetting?

Many homeowners are used to traditional rooting for their pipelines. This classic method involves using a snake to extricate any blockages. Although snaking can technically get the job done, there are several reasons that hydro jetting is preferable. First of all, hydro jetting clears out the entire pipe, as opposed to removing a single blockage like a snake does. This is beneficial because homeowners will not have to request help for another clog later.

Additionally, hydro jetting gets rid of the sticky scum of grease, soap, oil, and mineral deposits that cake the insides of pipes. Hydro jetting even removes bacteria, mold, and other pathogens clinging to the lining. This means that the pipes are truly cleaned. To schedule this in-depth cleaning, reach out to our techs at CalTek Plumbing.

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