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The most extensive network on a residential property is also one of its most important. Quality piping is essential to provide the most basic functions to homeowners, from getting a drink to using the restroom. To keep these lines in tip-top shape, speak to CalTek Plumbing. Our expert plumbers are prepared to offer trustworthy pipe repair and installation in Antioch.

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Why Is My Pipe Leaking? 

Homeowners often wonder why their pipes seem to start leaking out of nowhere, especially because they are made of such heavy-duty materials. There are multiple reasons why leaks may be plaguing your pipes. In many cases, sewers and drains fall prey to tree roots, which are drawn to the water running through the pipes. These roots will wrap themselves so tightly around the lines that they can choke the pipes until a leak occurs. 

Another typical cause for leaks is shifting soil. Even a tiny movement in the earth causes so much pressure in the foundation that it can rupture a pipe. Finally, pipes start to leak because they have become corroded over time. Regardless of the cause, our technicians can identify the leak and fix it promptly.

Signs Your Plumbing Needs a New Pipe

If there is only a minor disconnection or a small hairline crack in a pipe, it can usually be fixed. However, sometimes repairs are not enough if the damage has gone on for too long. When pipes are highly corroded, they will continue to shed harmful bits of metal and minerals, which are unsafe to drink. Further repairs would not only be time-consuming but also more expensive. In this case, it would be better to invest in a replacement right away.

Some of the signs that a new pipe installation would be a better solution include:

  • An increase in water bills, despite recent repairs
  • The water meter continues to keep running long after the water has been shut off
  • Continual low water pressure, even though the water heater is relatively new
  • Water that smells bad or contains particles of rust, metal, or mineral deposits

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Which Kind of Pipe Installation Is Best for Your Property?

Houses used to be somewhat limited in the pipe materials they could use. There are many kinds of piping available for homeowners today, however. Some of the most popular include galvanized steel, polyvinyl chloride (PVC), copper, cross-linked polyethylene (PEX), and acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (ABS). Determining which would be best for your property is hard to tell without years of training. Trust our techs at CalTek Plumbing to explain all the pros and cons of each type of pipe material and advise which would be most affordable.

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